ALMOASHIR Company offers high quality market research that derives sound and logical conclusions by client services with commitment to quality control, statistician and quality control employees to ensure that the survey's results are delivered accurately and interpreted according to the client's needs. Our staff includes: interviewers, supervisors, data entry operators, quality control employees and analysts. Consequently, we are able to provide the most appropriate recommendations for decision makers in an effort to develop future policies and actions.
AlMoashir Company is proud of its rigorous quality control measures, which are designed to prevent cheating and detecting interviewers' mistakes as the following:

Before Field

·        We select interviewers according to the type of research and client's products; as well as the supervisors who have the best understanding to client's categories, which are assigned to the projects.

·        Interviewer training is carried out for every study, all interviewers receive thorough training regardless of their experience on similar studies, including initial approaches to explain the survey objectives, set-up, interviewing techniques,   specialized training with unique respondent requirements on complex questionnaires, the recruiting and interviewing procedures and how the questionnaire should be administered.

·        Pilot's tests are conducted before start of fieldwork to familiarize the interviewers with the questionnaire and other issues.

·        The supervisor is responsible of supervising on the interviewers, as well as monitoring the progress and quality of fieldwork.

During Field

·        Field manager is responsible for managing field supervision, spot checks, accompaniment of supervisors with the interviewers, monitoring of progress and quality of the fieldwork.

·        Regular update to discuss problems happened during fieldwork, with full report presented by the interviewers.

·        Back checks 10%-15% of the total sample to ensure interview quality.

·        Reviewing all completed questionnaires by field supervisors for legibility, accuracy and consistency.

·        Brief reports provided by supervisors and the field manager.

After Field

·        Auditing and logic checking is carried out on all the questionnaires to ensure that the questionnaires had been administered correctly.

·        20% of questionnaires are re-entered after the data entry process to ensure accuracy of information.

·        Entered data is also cleared & validated based on logic, accuracy, edit checks, identifying & fixing data inconsistencies, etc.


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