Iraq is considered to be a promising market, due to its population density, purchase power, consumption pattern and consumer diversity and therefore thousands of commodity producers and service providers invade the Iraqi markets with creative products throughout the year, but few of them succeed in gaining the highest market share, these factors make it attractive market for foreign investors.

In order to introduce or promote a commodity or service, special market survey services are demanded to investigate the potential of Iraqi markets, competition is assessed during the market study using a range of data collection, polls, perceptions, awareness measurement and public consensus tools and indicators.

Most businesses operating in Iraq suffer from the lack of data and information on their clients, suppliers, and competitors; we are here to change that. Our aim is to help clients using the wealth of detail provided by these large quantitative and qualitative studies. All of these can provide many of the clear answers about strategic business insights, which empower decision making to move in the right direction.




ALMOASHIR Company recommending proper methodologies for the different market researches in Iraq, designing questionnaires and discussion guides according to research objectives, advising and supervising sample size estimation and justification, supervising all phases of quantitative and qualitative researches, training and developing of researchers, moderating Focus Groups and conducting in-depth interviews (qualitative researches),we have both male and female moderators, which enables us to select the most appropriate moderator for the category and respondent, tight control is exercised to ensure that we applying the standard guidelines in recruitment for focus groups and during the sessions, and all respondents to be recruited should be approved by the client.

ALMOASHIR Company has a data processing centre with hardware and software support with a dedicated data processing and tabulation team that provides data entry, coordinate the production of data displays in an efficient manner for inclusion in statistical reports and other similar reports, cleaning data, recoding variables for analysis, data verification, validation, tabulation, and open ended coding by using Office tools SPSS package.

ALMOASHIR Company apply statistics in analyzing data, offering guidance in statistical analysis methodology derives statistical conclusions and makes recommendations based on experimental results and field reports, interpretation of data, helping you understand patterns of consumer behavior using data sets by evaluation of the program and reporting the findings.

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