ALMOASHIR Company always worked to ensure that customer requirements are met through a system of process control and assisting clients to achieve their Research objectives across all over Iraq nationwide. We offer a broad range of market Research services to satisfy the individual needs of our clients. We apply face-to-face surveys, focus group sessions and other market survey methods. No matter the size of the survey, we can complete it in a reasonable period of time, by effective interviewers; we have managed many nationwide surveys.

ALMOASHIR Company covers the following Research services:

Desk Research

Research Design

Training services

Face to face fieldwork

Quantitative marketing Research

Advertising Research

Media Research

Audience Research

Image Studies

Social & Opinion Polling

Exit Poll

Attitude Studies

Children / Youth's Research

Wholesale or retail Research

Brand Research

Business to business Research

Consumer marketing Research

Financial Research

Pricing Research

New product Research

Customer Satisfaction

Tracking Studies

Packaging Research

Promotional Research

Demographic Research

Employee Research

Ethnographic Research

Observational Research

Medical/pharmaceutical Research

Travel/tourism Research          


Monitoring and Evaluation

Preparation of survey tools

Preparation of enterprises sampling frame

Probability Sampling, Quota Sampling

Training of interviewers

Contact and arrange appointments with enterprises

Visit and collect information

Monitor survey progress and quality

Evaluation and Impact Assessment

Baseline study

Comprehensive Training

Data Entry, Coding, Tabulation & reporting

Data validation

Data processing and Statistical analysis

Qualitative Research

Focus groups

In-Depth Interviews



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