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ALMOASHIR is a company organized and existing according to the laws of Iraq, Iraqis Management, Baghdad based.

ALMOASHIR Company conducts various market research activities , develop & train skilled Iraqi researchers. We have a team of 15 experienced professionals and over 65 part time staff including interviewers and supervisors. We have qualified research specialists of various ethnic groups who can guide you through the Iraqi consumer mindset in its entire complex context, where different Iraqi cultures augment with robust western experiences. Our senior executives each has 7 years or more of research experience; our office is equipped with Focus Group facilities, and a field office in Kurdistan.

ALMOASHIR Company team is a highly skilled staff, and we work with our clients as members of one team, able to manage projects throughout all Iraq provinces via our extensive network of field interviewers and supervisors. A nationwide team of trained and experienced field staff provides clients with access to all the country, urban and rural locations, from the main cities to the smallest villages, applying the value of professional ethics. We are able to field face-to-face, door-to-door surveys nationwide. Our aim is to equip you to negotiate today's rapidly changing world. Branding is becoming increasingly critical, because of increasing competition; we have developed a close and detailed understanding of the country and its people in today's fast-paced world. People's outlook and values are changing all the time. The factors that motivate behavior and the evolution and mix of attitudes combine traditional cultural values with globalization. This understanding of dynamics provides clients with valid, meaningful actionable and robust results.

ALMOASHIR Company is an economic consulting, research and training enterprise, established and operating with a vision to become a leader in business development services, targeting individuals, public, private and non-governmental organizations, exporting or importing companies and local companies (small, medium and large). We are aiming to activate Iraq's role in research field to be a pioneer country in successful investment research. We provide services to organizations, international research companies, private sector and public sector. We assist clients in each stage of the research process, from research design and recruitment through fieldwork and analysis. The company has worked with a wide range of clients whether multi-nationals or regional and local providers of products & services


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